[Snort-sigs] I must have signed up for the wrong mailing list

Daniel Gutzwiller dagutzwiller at ...1224...
Thu Aug 12 08:25:02 EDT 2004

I must have signed up for the wrong mailing list. I was under the impression
that this mailing list was for snort users and developers to exchange
relevant information. Over the last few days this has not been the case;
instead it has been about as useful as all the other spam I usually receive.
To the person who started all this "nazi" nonsense there is a time and a
place for everything and this isn't it. Personally I think just this
complaint about the word "nazi" has already been much more disruptive then
the word itself. Further more what kind of a person has the gal to utilize a
free open source wonderful tool like Snort and then complain; perhaps that
person should use one of the IDS's on the market that cost thousands of
dollars, affording the manufacturer the ability to staff to handle such

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