[Snort-sigs] Please remove the word "nazi" from the website

Seth Art adidas30 at ...144...
Wed Aug 11 06:50:00 EDT 2004

The first post was interesting.  The reply was
understanding and extremely timely.  

I'm sure like me everyone reading the 2 posts had
their own opinion on the matter, but lets not drag
this out.  I hesitated even writing this but as i have
seen on other lists these things ALWAYS seem to drag
on for WAY to long.  

Lets all get back to snorting.  On that note, it was
VERY nice to see the new bagel bleeding snort sigs up
on the at isc.sans.org shortly after the outbreak. 
Great job Matt and everyone else.  Gotta love when I
can tell my boss I have the sigs on all my snort box's
before symantec even released a def or a name.  

Long live the pig!


--- Nick Duda <nduda at ...1896...> wrote:

> The reason we are where we are in history nowadays
> is because of reasons
> such as this, tis a shame. Because of silly things
> that "upset" people,
> it directly effects and changes history because the
> rest of us bow down
> to the request (no matter how stupid they are). 
> Freedom of speech? What's that?
> How about Josephs post upsets me and is offending?
> I'm the only person
> that finds his post offending, well that seems to be
> good enough to get
> him removed from the forum, right?
> Anyways, hope that wasn't to offending, back to

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