[Snort-sigs] Please remove the word "nazi" from the website

Joseph Gama josephgama at ...144...
Tue Aug 10 15:23:09 EDT 2004


Thank you so much for making that change.

I am not being judgemental and I am aware that it was
just there for fun but I still believe this is for the
best to remove it. Once when I was searching something
online I found, I am not sure if it was the old logo
of the Snort project, or some related website and it
was a bleeding pig's head on a stick. It was just for
fun too but it reminded me instantly of pictures from
the war that I saw when I was a kid. Human heads on
sticks with the bloody skin from the neck hanging.
That was another war and I was 4 when it ended. Yes,
you are right about not having to be too sensitive
about certain things and I belieeve in freedom of
speech and I am totally against censorship. What
worries me are the recent statistics on hate crimes
and the negative effects of TV on kids and teens.
There was a time when you could ask a stranger to hold
your baby while you would go to the restroom. Things
have changed and I maybe this is not the time to take
some words back. I hope it will change but it takes


Joseph Gama

--- Brian <bmc at ...95...> wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 12:02:34PM -0700, Joseph
> Gama wrote:
> > I know that it is a joke about the "soup nazi" in:
> > 
> > http://www.snort.org/snort-db/help.html
> > 
> > However, it upsets me and it might be funny in the
> context of a
> > sitcom but there are still many wounds from WWII
> and from the recent
> > recruiting of young people into radical or cult
> like groups, often
> > with idealistic aims but with a mad man in charge.
>  Any comments?
> Well, the change has been made, since offending
> people without
> style isn't our game.
> However, this term has been in place for the Snort
> community for
> years.  This is the first complaint anyone has put
> forward.  In fact,
> Marty nicknamed me the "Snort Signature Nazi"
> because of my seemingly
> dictatorial control of the ruleset that whipped it
> into shape oh so
> many years ago.  Hell, I wore the "title" with
> pride.
> Of course, the term has always been used in jest,
> with most people
> referring to me in terms of the "Benevolent Rule
> Nazi".  No, I'm not
> making that up, grep shows the term is used quite
> often.
> Don't take my comments as if I don't care for
> history.  My grandfather
> fought in the Pacific and had a bad back until the
> day he died because
> of it.  My great-uncle had permanent white hair from
> the three weeks
> he was "treed" in the middle of a german encampment
> without being
> noticed.  I have (and always have had) great respect
> for those that
> have fought and those that continue to fight for the
> freedoms I live
> with on a daily basis.
> Since we are not out to offend, the change has been
> made.  But in the
> future, you need to grow some thicker skin.  You are
> living in the
> days of the Internet now.  You are going to run
> across things that
> offend you.  You are going to see things you want
> changed but do not
> have any control over.  Hell, some of the most
> upsetting things I've
> ever seen on the Internet came from my work as an
> IDS analyst. 
> Think of some of the worst possible things you could
> find with an IDS
> and I've found them.  I've put calls directly into
> the FBI and had
> people picked up shortly afterward thanks to some
> horrid things I've
> seen from being an IDS analyst.
> If you don't grow some thick skin, you might want to
> consider a
> different job cause this one can turn your stomach
> if you are not
> careful.
> Brian

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