[Snort-sigs] Please remove the word "nazi" from the website

Brian bmc at ...95...
Tue Aug 10 13:05:01 EDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 12:02:34PM -0700, Joseph Gama wrote:
> I know that it is a joke about the "soup nazi" in:
> http://www.snort.org/snort-db/help.html
> However, it upsets me and it might be funny in the context of a
> sitcom but there are still many wounds from WWII and from the recent
> recruiting of young people into radical or cult like groups, often
> with idealistic aims but with a mad man in charge.  Any comments?

Well, the change has been made, since offending people without
style isn't our game.

However, this term has been in place for the Snort community for
years.  This is the first complaint anyone has put forward.  In fact,
Marty nicknamed me the "Snort Signature Nazi" because of my seemingly
dictatorial control of the ruleset that whipped it into shape oh so
many years ago.  Hell, I wore the "title" with pride.

Of course, the term has always been used in jest, with most people
referring to me in terms of the "Benevolent Rule Nazi".  No, I'm not
making that up, grep shows the term is used quite often.

Don't take my comments as if I don't care for history.  My grandfather
fought in the Pacific and had a bad back until the day he died because
of it.  My great-uncle had permanent white hair from the three weeks
he was "treed" in the middle of a german encampment without being
noticed.  I have (and always have had) great respect for those that
have fought and those that continue to fight for the freedoms I live
with on a daily basis.

Since we are not out to offend, the change has been made.  But in the
future, you need to grow some thicker skin.  You are living in the
days of the Internet now.  You are going to run across things that
offend you.  You are going to see things you want changed but do not
have any control over.  Hell, some of the most upsetting things I've
ever seen on the Internet came from my work as an IDS analyst. 

Think of some of the worst possible things you could find with an IDS
and I've found them.  I've put calls directly into the FBI and had
people picked up shortly afterward thanks to some horrid things I've
seen from being an IDS analyst.

If you don't grow some thick skin, you might want to consider a
different job cause this one can turn your stomach if you are not


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