[Snort-sigs] BleedingSnort.com Updates

Keith W. McCammon mccammon at ...2420...
Mon Aug 2 11:49:10 EDT 2004

> I can assure you we're still receiving and putting rules up as fast and
> regularly as ever. We've chosen not to send every rule and change to the
> list in the interest of not spamming the list. There weren't any
> complaints that I'm aware of, but we were monopolizing the list activity.
> Please visit http://www.bleedinsgsnort.com to see changes, and we
> encourage you to use the oinkmaster tarball to auto-update, or pull the
> rulesets direct.

Yeah, anyone who's worried that nothing's getting done can see the
web-based CVS interface:
http://www.bleedingsnort.com/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/.  No need for e-mail
when you can very easily update from CVS or grab the rules via
Oinkmaster, wget, etc. and find changes any number of ways on your

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