[Snort-sigs] BleedingSnort.com Updates

Matthew Jonkman matt at ...2436...
Mon Aug 2 11:38:08 EDT 2004

We've had a few people ask if bleedingsnort.com has tapered off it's 
activity in the last week or so since people are not seeing the list 
traffic as before.

I can assure you we're still receiving and putting rules up as fast and 
regularly as ever. We've chosen not to send every rule and change to the 
list in the interest of not spamming the list. There weren't any 
complaints that I'm aware of, but we were monopolizing the list activity.

Please visit http://www.bleedinsgsnort.com to see changes, and we 
encourage you to use the oinkmaster tarball to auto-update, or pull the 
rulesets direct.

We're also considering a daily or weekly diff to show new and changed 
rules out of cvs sent to the list. If anyone thinks that'd be useful let 
us know, and the frequency you'd prefer. If there's enough interest I'm 
sure there's a script out there we can set in motion.

And thanks again to everyone sending in rules and tweaks. We're at 1045 
rules now, and the false positives are a lot less than we ever expected.


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