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Matt Jonkman matt at ...2436...
Sun Aug 1 12:00:07 EDT 2004

We checked the site and project out as well. We'd love to add a virus branch to bleeding snort. especially one with all the work already done. :)

Couldn't find anything to download though. If anyone gets contact with the original developer or has a copy of the rules please send then our way.


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   >I was doing some googling on supplemental snort rules and found a
   >project I don't remember being mentioned on the snort-users or
   >snort-sigs lists called ViruSNORT, which is dedicated to detecting
   >worms, trojans, viruses, etc. Looks interesting, as either a separate
   >app or perhaps just to add the rules to a base snort install.
   >However, the download page seems to down at present...  :(
   >Cool.  Thanks.  I would think that there might be some interest in
   >this.  The "Bleeding-edge" rules now have an off-shoot called
   >bleeding-edge-malware, because of the number of malicious code
   >releases recently.
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