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Rule:  alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:"Possible trojan executable";
content:"XEgypT"; content:"password:"; content:"GLIBC_";
flow:established; reference:tom,81; classtype:bad-unknown;)


Summary:Trojans have lately been encrypted with cryptelf.  The default version
of cryptelf
signs each encrypted binary with the author of the cryptelf program: EgypT.  
trojans need to be statically linked to work reliably.  The cryptelf program
also prompts
the user for a password before executable the program.  So we are looking for
executables which are statically linked and calling them suspicious.


Detailed Information:  The cryptelf program also has a distinct piece of code at
the start of the .text portion which prompts the user for a password.

Affected Systems:  Linux ELF format executables only.

Attack Scenarios:

Ease of Attack:

False Positives:

False Negatives:

Corrective Action:

Contributors:  Tom Currie  tom at ...2395...

Additional References:

Park University http://www.park.edu
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