[Snort-sigs] Important

Michael Sconzo msconzo at ...1371...
Tue Apr 6 12:23:08 EDT 2004

Here's a question.  Is there a website/other that's dedicated to
having a list of all the virus signatures.  I'm aware the snort.org
has some, but they are quite old, and yes they do have the ones
that look for file attachments in email, but in some environments
that's just not allowed/good enough/etc ... I would be more they
happy to put a site up here, that would just be a list of snort
virus rules (with or without documentation) if anybody is interested.
I (unfortunately) don't have a lot of time to write my own, and I
try to keep up with ones that come across the list. But if people
can send me what they are using, I'll compile the web page, and
when I get new rules keep it updated.

I didn't want to cross post this, it seemed to fit here best.


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                -- Matthew 5:37

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