[Snort-sigs] Question about submitting additions to existing rule docs

Nigel Houghton nigel at ...435...
Wed Sep 24 06:54:19 EDT 2003

In these cases please send your proposed changes to the list for
discussion. There is no need to include the entire document, just tell us
which Sid, which section you wish to modify and what you wish to change it

Around 8:36am Yackley, Matt said:

YM :Morning everyone,
YM :What is the best way to submit changes to existing rule docs?  There are
YM :several rules that list no known false positives and I would like to add
YM :them....should I use the template and cut & paste the existing documentation
YM :into the template or is there another method to update existing
YM :documentation?
YM :
YM :Thanks,
YM :Matt
YM :
YM :
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