[Snort-sigs] Re: Snort Rule signature file request

nick black dank at ...1581...
Thu Sep 18 07:15:14 EDT 2003

windows were scaled to accommodate Jason Monroe "JC":
> Is there any way the snort rules from snort.org/dl/rules could be PGP,
> or Openssl signed as they are published to the web site? I would love
> the ability to do an integrity check before applying the rules. 
> Yes yes md5 checksums can be used as signatures in some cases, why is
> that not enough for me? Well, Paranoia is one, and protection against
> DNS cache poisoning is the other. 

you're still going to need to worry about these issues when initially
importing the snort sig key, unless you hang out with nigel/brian :).
it's certainly no worse than the current method, though, and at least
only makes this an issue at KE time.

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