[Snort-sigs] rules licensing

Milani Paolo Paolo.Milani at ...1843...
Fri Sep 12 03:38:06 EDT 2003

> We've been down this road many times.  The rules are licensed as GPL.

Thanks. Sorry for asking again.

This seems to be the authorative answer I had been looking for, but thanks also to everyone else for answering.

All in all a very reasonable policy.

Paolo Milani

> You can distribute rules in the same fashion as anything else GPLed.
> BTW, many IDS companies support snort rules.  Correction, many companies
> support a subset of the features provided by snort rules.  
> > Examples: can whoever modify some snort rules and put them up on a 
> webserver for everyone to use?
> Sure.  As long as the rules are GPLed.
> if free-ids.org develops a new opensource ids software that can read snort 
> syntax, can he ship snort rule files with it? does this force him to go GPL 
> for his entire project (rather than use some other free software license)?
> Nope, just the rules.
> > if make-money-with-ids.com sells a NIDS developed from scratch but 
> compatible with snort syntax, can he ship those rule files with it? can 
> their customers download the rule files themselves? 
> Sure, as long as they are shipped in a GPL compatable manor.  A number
> of IDS vendors do this.  We (the snort team) would prefer if you published
> the fact you are using our rules up front.  Intrusion.com has been
> shipping our rules for a long time, only to add a comment [0] after we
> bitched.

> -brian

> [0] Of course, the comment went from how their user community wrote the
>    rules to how the user community wrote the rules or maybe but
>    unlikely other sites like snort.org & whitehats.com might have
>    contributed some of them.

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