[Snort-sigs] Unified output for barnyard

Dusty Hall halljer at ...1195...
Thu Sep 4 14:17:06 EDT 2003


  Could you give us an example of your snort.conf?

  Here's what ours looks like:

output alert_unified: filename unified.alert, limit 512
output log_unified: filename unified.log, limit 512


>>> Michael Miller <michael.miller at ...1811...> 9/4/2003 3:19:44 PM
I must be missing something BIG, but I'm trying to get snort to output
unified format (for Barnyard) and I keep getting either Snort's
Ascii/IPaddress-per-folder or TCPdump format. I've got the unified
post-processor uncommented, and I've GOOGLED, but I can't, for the life
me, figure out how to produce the unified alert and log files. (using
latest current stable version of snort from the CVS tree.)

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