[Snort-sigs] spamassisan

Brian May brian at ...1832...
Tue Sep 2 12:07:04 EDT 2003

If the email is an HTML email post, you will get 2 copies and a partial

HTML emails usually always contain 2 copies... one in HTML and one in plain
text.  The SpamAssassin headers show you the first hundred or so characters
so you can easily tell if the message is spam or not without tripping any of
the web bugs if there are any in the message.

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Subject: [Snort-sigs] spamassisan

is this junk normal?

does that mean that I get THREE COPIES of every post someone makes?

one in the spamassassin headers
Two in plain text
and for those who don't know how to turn off html, I get another copy as

is this normal? can it be stopped?
is it coming from snort-sigs direct or someone else?

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The original message has been attached along with this report, so
you can recognize or block similar mail in future.
See http://spamassassin.org/tag/ for more details.
Content preview:  On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, Jeanne Mode wrote: > hi , > how to
update automaticly snort rules? I have a script that does it - run from
a cron job: [...]
Content analysis details:   (-2.00 points, 5 required)
IN_REP_TO          (-0.5 points) Has a In-Reply-To header
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REFERENCES         (-0.5 points) Has a valid-looking References header
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