[Snort-sigs] snort*rpm with snortsam and all other goodies

Bennett Todd bet at ...654...
Sat Oct 25 08:33:20 EDT 2003

2003-10-23T08:27:23 Alexandru Balan:
> since i am new to rpm and i'm not that experienced with building
> rpm packages and my company policy requires that everything that's
> installed on production servers ( in this case ) has to be from
> rpm [...]

Let me strongly recommend you pursue building your own rpms; using
ones that other people build for you forces you to trust them, and
for a security application like snort, on production servers, it's
better if you don't have to.

I recommend you grab the current snort src.rpm, unpack it, modify
it to include what you need, and build your own binary rpms.
Re-building on a weekly schedule if the upstream sources change can
be largely automated, with a bit of work.

I've written a moderately lengthy set of notes to try and help
people get up to speed on building their own rpms, you can find it
at <URL:http://bent.latency.net/rpm-building>.

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