[Snort-sigs] snort*rpm with snortsam and all other goodies

Alexandru Balan jay at ...1722...
Thu Oct 23 13:47:03 EDT 2003

since i am new to rpm and i'm not that experienced with building rpm
packages and my company policy requires that everything that's installed
on production servers ( in this case ) has to be from rpm i ask you: is
there going to be a rpm package that contains snortsam, guardian, acid,
snortenstein, oinkmaster & docs ?. I need snortsam ( or at least some
form of countermeasure for some of the detected attacks ) and in order
to apply the patch i have to _recompile_ snort. Recompiling is ok, but
since my company forces me to use rpms... well i'm in a bit of a jam
here. I might be pushing my luck and common decency here but it would be
really nice if this type of package would exist and would be updated at
least on weekly basis ( so i could just rpm -Fvh package.rpm ) and keep
my rules up to date without damaging those already modified


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