[Snort-sigs] update of snort rules with pcre

Martin Olsson elof at ...1288...
Thu Oct 23 01:29:03 EDT 2003

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Chris Green wrote:
> Frank Knobbe <frank at ...1978...> writes:
> > are the rules in CVS tagged then? I mean, can we check out normal (read
> > 2.0.1) rules with the SNORT_2_0 tag, and get pcre rules only when the
> > checking out HEAD?
> Yes.

I hear you're talking about checking out rules via CVS instead of
downloading the tar.gz.

Two questions:

1. Are the rules in CVS more frequently updated than the stable.tar.gz, or
   is the tar-file automaticly created from CVS every day?

2. What is the best command to download only the rules, not the entire
   snort distribution from CVS? (http://www.snort.org/source.html only
   state how to download the entire thing)


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