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Mon Oct 13 09:04:06 EDT 2003

I have tried the switch as you have indicated with the -x.  I still get
the logs in that unreadable format.



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Try using Snort with the -X option:

       -X     Dump  the  raw  packet  data  starting  at the link layer.
              switch overrides the

 -l log-dir
              Set  the  output  logging  directory to log-dir.  All
              alerts and packet logs go into this directory.  If  this
              is  not  specified,  the  default  logging  directory  is

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As I have stated before, I am very new to snort and I am using it in a
Windows environment (maybe that is my problem) :-0

But I am having a devil of a time with these logs.  ANY HELP would be

I am not using MySQL (yet) for the keeping of the logs but I am having
trouble reading the Snort logs that are created.

Here is the type of logs I have:

--scan.log (text format.  Very criptic and not really clear on what was
seen or alarmed.

AND, the following (tcpdump format, maybe?  How do read it?  Ethereal
doesn't know what do with the file.):

--snort.alert.(some numeric string)
--snort.log.(some numeric string)
--snort.suspicious.(some numeric string)

AND one file that apparently is in tcpdump format that Ethereal can
--tcpdump.log.(some numeric string)

I don't have many rules even turned on at this point and because I can't
read the logs I don't know what else needs to be "tweaked" in Snort.
Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.


Michael Martin

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