[Snort-sigs] New MiMail infection signature

Ken Bell kbell at ...1998...
Mon Nov 3 07:00:11 EST 2003


I get the digest version of snort-sigs, so someone may have already posted
this today...

One of the our in-house systems got a MiMail variant infected email, which
should have been blocked at our borders.


One of the results of MiMail is that it attacks 'www.darkprofits.com' on
port 80. I threw this together to look for that outbound traffic and found
about 100 infected systems with thousands of hits against this on our
network in about 2 minutes:

alert tcp any any -> 80 (msg:"Infected with new MiMail";
classtype:policy-violation; sid:10000003; rev:1;)

We have no business going to this address, especially with thousands of
hits, so it's safe to say that all IPs hitting this system are infected.


Ken Bell

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