[Snort-sigs] Virus sig for worm_palyh.a and pe_ganda.a?

Burak DAYIOGLU dayioglu at ...508...
Tue May 20 22:21:07 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 18:04, Robert Reid wrote:
> Just loaded this rule on two sensors and immediately started gettings 1000's
> of false postives per min.
> Robert

Are you sure that the alerts are merely false positives? I believe that
you are infected ;)

The below rule is one of the longest pattern matching rules in the whole
snort ruleset, I don't suspect it to generate much false positives.
(Actually, such long patterns *generally* cause false negatives at all

> alert tcp any any -> any 25 (msg:"Possible Palyh virus in SMTP"; \
> content:"2f6LwTPJiUgEAggMEMcAQEJBAMP9d///Vovx6AoAAC/2RCQIAXQHVgyEWlmLxl7CBAA
> H2X7fG4tG"; \ sid:9000018; classtype:misc-activity; rev:1;)

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