[Snort-sigs] rule documentation for FTP SITE NEWER attempt

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Wed Jun 11 13:45:03 EDT 2003

Rule: FTP SITE NEWER attempt

Sid: 1864

Summary: A remote user has tried to enter the "SITE NEWER" command on an 
FTP box.

Impact: Medium

Detailed Information: When issued the "SITE NEWER" command, some versions 
of wu-ftpd can consume excessive ammounts of memory which
then can effectively act as a denial of service to the entire system. If a 
user can create files on the system, it may be possible to
execute code as the user running the ftpd daemon, typically root.

Affected Systems: wu-ftpd versions 2.4.2 and all betas and earlier 

Attack Scenarios: An attacker might be trying to DoS the system, and it 
could lead to arbitrary code execution with root privileges.

Ease of Attack: Medium

False Positives: This can lead to false positives if the ftp service is 
not wu-ftpd or if wu-ftpd is greater than version 2.4.2

False Negatives: None Known

Corrective Action: Upgrade the wu-ftpd service

Contributors: Original rule writer unknown.
              Josh Sakofsky
Additional References: http://cgi.nessus.org/plugins/dump.php3?id=10319
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