[Snort-sigs] SID 184 False Posiitives : "WEB-CLIENT Javascript URL host spoofing attemp "

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Fri Jun 6 13:30:05 EDT 2003

This rule has been brought up a couple of times before, and is once 
again causing a partular of false positives. Seeing and reading a bit 
about this (some discussions were up in March and then back in September 
on the snort-users list) and reading the BugTraq listing of this 
particular exploit, wouldn't it make sense instead of just triggering on 
just the flow of "javascript://" to the client, we also (like in the 
case of media player rules) write a conjoining test for the client type 
(namely, Mozilla and Netscape). We've gotten a number of false positives 
coming from Lycos and thier evil-stepchildren's web pages, but since 
we're almost exlcusively IE at work, this would definitely say this is a 
brisk amount of bad triggers. I wrote a rule a while back for the 
Quicktime client buffer overflow (I don't think it made it in to the 
ruleset, just go back a few months inthe archive and look for Quicktime 
in the subject header) where I test for the client and version via a 
content rule, and then trigger the alert when it matches the 
length/size. I think a similar approach can be used to kill off a number 
of false positives on this particular rule.

Anybody wanna take a stab?

original rule:

Javascript URL host spoofing attempt"; flow:to_client,established; 
content:"javascript\://"; nocase; classtype:attempted-user; 
reference:bugtraq,5293; sid:1841; rev:3;)

my quicktime rule as an example:

alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> any any (msg:"LOCAL INSIDE QuickTime Player 
Buffer Overflow Attempt"; content: "User-Agent\: QuickTime"; nocase; 
content: !"(qtver=6.1"; nocase; content: "os=Windows"; nocase; 
flow:from_client,established; dsize: >400;classtype:attempted-admin;)

If there is a way to catch the User-Agent stuff for client based sigs 
(similar to SID 311), it'd also help with narrowing down issues with 
those types of exploits and bugs.

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