[Snort-sigs] Ignoring just one host

Gary Danko GDanko at ...1711...
Mon Jul 28 13:56:03 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I currently have two snort sensors, one inside the firewall and one outside.
All internal traffic is nat'd through a single public IP address outside the
firewall. Here's the problem.
If a user on a public IP triggers an alert, I get two alerts for it. The
first alert is from the internal sensor on the private network. The second
alert is from the public nat'd IP address.
So I want to ignore all traffic on that public nat'd IP address. Here's what
I have on my external sensor.
# Networks
So is my nat'd IP on the public network. I want to ignore it
from all traffix analysis. This doesn't seem to work. Did I do something
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