[Snort-sigs] P2P Kazaa Traffic

Jacob Hurley jacobh at ...1425...
Fri Jul 11 04:25:28 EDT 2003

> What do you mean by "adding to the transfer downstream or upstream"?

well basically, when you are downloading the .torrent with your
bittorrent client, it grabs the files in bits from as many 'seeds' as
possible (port 6881:6889).  If you open up port 6881:6889 on your
firewall while downloading multiple 'peers' will connect to it.  When I
have done this (opend the ports on my firewall) it almost tripled my d/l
speeds (upload speeds also jumped).

> So, it looks life, if you catch persons looking for the
.torrent file, you can see from the actual file he/she downloaded what
he/she planning to do.

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