[Snort-sigs] CAN 2002-1123

Gabriel Agatiello gagatiello at ...1666...
Fri Jul 11 01:21:53 EDT 2003

Hi Everybody! (Hola a todos!)

The last week I was dictating a course on SNORT.  At the moment of test the
instalation, we used NESSUS to generate attacks. When finalizing the
process, Nessus detect a vulnerability in the one server: CAN 2002-1123. It
is a vulnerability of MS SQL.

But Snort do not generate any registry about it. We use the last official
snort rules + vision18.rules (from whitehats.com).
It seemed to me strange being a vulnerability of 2002 and quite well-known

The question is, somebody has a file of rules updated with this type of
Or can you  recommend some extra site to download updated archives of rules?

Mainly to add it as a link  in the seminaries that I am dictating.

Thanks in advance.

Gabriel Agatiello
Winmat Servicios y Sistemas
gagatiello at ...1666...
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Fax: 91 597 27 20
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