[Snort-sigs] snort-rules CURRENT update @ Mon Jan 27 06:25:07 2003

Bennett Todd bet at ...654...
Mon Jan 27 06:57:05 EST 2003

2003-01-27T08:03:51 Erek Adams:
> On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, [iso-8859-1] Lars Jørgensen IT wrote:
> > It seems that the STABLE ruleset don't get any updates
> > anymore. I thought most people were running that version?

Thanks, Lars, for asking a question I've been wondering about as

> STABLE will get occasional updates, but all the new updates are in
> CURRENT.  The same goes for code.

This worries me. I thought CURRENT was the cvs head, i.e. an
unstable alpha release, not recommended for production. Am I wrong
on that?

If I'm not wrong on that, then I'd think that production releases
would profit greatly, possibly more than alpha releases, from timely
signature updates.

Should we (production users of snort) be committing to doing our own
active and aggressive maintenance of our own signatures to track new
things --- like e.g. worm-of-the-week signatures?

If so, this would seem to be something affecting enough people that
maybe it'd be worth trying to assemble a group to share the labor of
such maintenance.

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