[Snort-sigs] snort-rules CURRENT update @ Mon Jan 27 06:25:07 2003

Erek Adams erek at ...95...
Mon Jan 27 05:11:04 EST 2003

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, [iso-8859-1] Lars Jørgensen IT wrote:

> It seems that the STABLE ruleset don't get any updates anymore. I thought
> most people were running that version?

STABLE will get occasional updates, but all the new updates are in
CURRENT.  The same goes for code.

> I downloaded the CURRENT snapshot from snort.org, but I don't know how to
> compile it (no configure, makefile and those kind of things I'm used to).


You'll need automake, autoconf, autoheader, etc... for that.  Once you do
that, you'll have a ./configure.  When you update from CVS again, you'll
want to "make distclean" before you try to build it.


Erek Adams

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