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Sat Feb 22 12:47:03 EST 2003

Is "within" a new option?  I don't see it in the docs page on the

I think what you've proposed makes a great deal of sense and would
probably reduce the FPs significantly.  So how do we proceed to get that

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Since it's about improving a rule which is FP prone, I'll agree this has

turned into a signature-devel related topic more than a users topic.
out of users.

The keyword you want is "within" not "depth".

And no, you can't use regexp's in snort... Snort would be a lot slower
it did.

So what you really want is something like this:
content:"javascript\://"; nocase; content:"\\n"; within:512;

(note I upped the range, due to the possibility of escape-codes making
domain part of this URL longer than 255 bytes, as per my snort-users

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