[Snort-sigs] Scan on tcp 13000

Michael Scheidell scheidell at ...249...
Mon Feb 17 18:55:04 EST 2003

> Has anyone else seen any tcp scans with both source and destination ports of
> 13000, SYN flag set, and a sequence ID of 674711609? My sensors are catching
> it as a Shaft synflood because of the sequence ID, but the traffic pattern
> is more like a sweep - single source, 1 packet each to 119 sequential
> destinations. No other traffic from this source, I can't find any info on
> tcp 13000. I'm ready to write it off as a very strange (and singularly
> unproductive) tcp ping sweep, but thought I should check with the
> community-at-large first....

Yep, coming out of columbia.edu.
Called them and sent logs earlier today
(symantec: take note.. we saw it first)

funny ting, on the security section of their web site them mention that
they had their web site defaced and users redurected towards a porn site
I called them up, thinking that they might have staff on duty.. noop,
nothing, all phone lines, help desk, security phones have ' thank you for
calling when we are all home', press 0 for operator, nothing.

What source ip addresses are you seeing?

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