[Snort-sigs] if match on rule don't log or something like tha t

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Check if you are using the snort option:

	-o         Change the rule testing order to Pass|Alert|Log

This will priorize the pass rules before the alert rules nad must resolve
your problem.


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	Hello, i'm getting a lot of false positives on a few of the rules
i'd like to customise them like the following example: 

let's say i have server x which generates most false positives and i
want to ignore matches on some signature if the packets are directed to
I tried adding another include $rule_path/server.x/false-positives.rules
in which i added the signature with "pass" ( the manual said pass
ignores the packet ). But still the packet is matched on the default
rule ( alert $ANY - > $MY_HOME_NET ..signature ( which includes that
server  ). 

I'm terribly sorry for my poor exprimation. I'm jus trying to ignore
matches to some hosts using a "false-positives.rules" file included in

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