[Snort-sigs] Worm, Virus, and Trojan sigs?

Dan Michitsch dmichitsch at ...2066...
Fri Dec 12 07:51:00 EST 2003

Hi all, I've been looking at the snort-sigs mailing list archive for
worm/trojan/virus sigs, and I was wondering if there was any place I
could get those types of sigs all in one compiled local.rules file or
something?  I know the official snort rules have dumped virus.rules and
the like and they focus on the common exploit signatures instead, but I
don't want to miss anything.  Are all the lastest worms/viruses/trojans
and the like accounted for in the official snort rules (albeit under a
different name than MSBlaster/Nachia/Sinit, etc.)?



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