[Snort-sigs] Can someone please repost a sig for MS Blaster?

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Thu Aug 14 08:42:09 EDT 2003

An alternative that I have used to find infected systems on our site, is to
activate the port scanning feature.  Once this has been on for a while sort
descending by the "Total #" (in Acid) or "Last".

What I found is that all of the infected systems where showing up as "60
connections across 60 hosts".  The 60 could be replaced by any number
divisible by 20, or a number that was very close to a number devisable by 20
(i.e. 79, 61 etc). 

The infected systems have high counts on this scan type.


Ian Parker
Technical Specialist,
Technical Services
University Health Network

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Around 1:48pm Eric Joe said:

EJ :I know it was already posted to the list, but I cant find the sig for
the EJ :MS Blaster worm, can someone repost or send a link please? EJ :Eric

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