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# Ensure that your descriptions are your own
# and not the work of others.  References in the rules themselves
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# If you are unsure of some part of a rule, use that as a commentary
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alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 445 (msg:"VIRUS Lovgate Fileshare 
445"; dsize > 500; content:"|40 00 00 C0 2E 61 73 70 61 63 6B 00|"; 

When Lovgate worm is active it copies itself to network shares when using 
port 445 for netbios-ss.

Detailed Information:
I took 6 samples of Lovgate.F and opened them up with a hex editor looking 
for similar code.
Once I had found some hex that I could identify Lovgate with I based my 
rule on that. The code
I found was at the beginning of the excecutable where the aspack signature 
I've tried copying the virus across the network maybe 10-15 times and the 
rule catches it whe netbios
uses port 445. I've noticed that sometimes netbios copies over port 139 so 
I needed another rule to scan
that port.

The sid is removed from the above rule since I am using a sid > 1,000,000.
Attack Scenarios:

Ease of Attack:

False Positives:
I realize that some other programs will be using aspack to pack their 
programs. This may or may not be a problem
with this rule.
False Negatives:

Corrective Action:

Tom McLaughlin
tom.mclaughlin at ...1486...
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