[Snort-sigs] what does this command do?

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Mon Apr 28 10:00:02 EDT 2003

man snort

-c config-file
        Use the rules located in file config-file.
-d Dump the application layer data when displaying
   packets in verbose or packet logging mode
-v Be verbose.  Print packets out to the console.
   There is one big problem with verbose mode:  it's
   slow.  If you are doing IDS work with Snort, don't
   use the '-v' switch, you WILL drop packets.

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> Subject: [Snort-sigs] what does this command do?
> I'm new to snort so bear with me. 
> What exactly is this command doing:
> snort -dvc /root/snort_dir_here/etc/snort.conf
> I know the v switch is sniffer mode. But is snort running in IDS mode 
> with that command as well?
> Also, what argument should I use when utilizing the rules that come 
> bundled with snort. I keep getting errors.
> Thanks for any help
> SS
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