[Snort-sigs] snort 1.9.x signatures and snort 1.8.x signatures

William_Metcalf at ...1445... William_Metcalf at ...1445...
Thu Apr 10 11:59:04 EDT 2003

Is there a piece of software or any logic to take a 1.9.x signature and
make it backwards compatible with 1.8.x  the reason I ask is because I'm
using hogwash devel-0.4 and it has a problem with the flow to statements in
the signatures and probably more.  I'm trying to get snort-inline to work
at the moment with no success yet and hogwash devel-0.5 is now using it's
own ids engine and ruleset.  Is this as easy as taking the content out of a
1.9.x signature and dropping it into a 1.8.x format.  Do I need to know
something else?  Are there any pre-written scripts to do this?


William Metcalf

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