[Snort-sigs] Problem with snort-1.8.6 and snortrules

Andreas Östling andreaso at ...58...
Tue May 7 04:41:04 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 11.53,  Miguel Armas wrote:

> OK, you're right. I've found the problem: I use oinkmaster to check for
> new rules, and it uncomments all the rules... I included all that rules in
> oinkmaster's rules.ignore and everything seems to work now.
> Thanks a lot... ;)
> Salu2!

If you're using Oinkmaster 0.4 or later, '-p' is probably better.

-p   Preserve disabled rules in downloaded rules.
      Some rules may be disabled by default in the rules distribution
      and Oinkmaster will re-enable them unless -p is specified


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