[Snort-sigs] help needed on var definitions for a rule

Ed.Davison at ...472... Ed.Davison at ...472...
Wed Mar 27 21:31:07 EST 2002

> >
> > var DNS_SERVERS [,,]
> > var DNS,,
> >
> >
> Well, first thing that I would check is the define of DNS.  
> Since you're not
> using []'s around it, it might be having some troubles with 
> that.  Check that
> and see what happens.

Well, I had thought about that as well but if you look at the above var
definitions, you will see why there are no []'s around DNS.

DNS is defined without the []'s as it is included in a var that has
[]'s, namely DNS_INT, and if I were to put the []'s in it would evaluate


and I thought embedded []'s was illegal.

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