[Snort-sigs] Dsniff with Snort

Jett Tayer tayerv at ...634...
Fri Jun 14 17:43:03 EDT 2002

am i in the correct mailing list???

Jett Tayer
<tayerv at chikka dot com>	
+63(2)7535000 loc. 511

benoni.martin at ...406... wrote:
> Hi, community!
> I am trying to get some information about intern web browsing in my
> company, and as Snort can not easily provides with this, I got Dsniff on
> the web.
> I tried it on a Debian 2.2, and it was OK, no problemn with running the
> programm.I'm now trying to upgrade it on a RedHat 7.3 , ... and no way to
> get it compiled! I have a couple of errors occuring when a "make" is
> proceedeed in Dsniff's directory, pure compiling errors like:
>       "./record.c:130:  'R_NOOVERWRITE' undeclared (first use of this
> function)"
> I cannot understand why the same programm does not compile RH 7.3. when it
> compiles on Debian 2.2...
> Maybe Dsniff 2.3 does not match with RH 7.3 requirements? I checked out the
> versions of the 4 other packages needed by Dsniff, and I think I have the
> right versions.

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