[Snort-sigs] NB! New Klez rules, old ones raise false positiv es

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Fri Jun 7 06:10:04 EDT 2002

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> On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Christian Nesmark wrote:
> > I am currently working on a set of rules for Klez 
> recognition for my final 
> > dissertation, and came across this from Chad Kreimendahl, 
> claiming a hit 
> > rate of 100%.
> Well, I don't want to make your dissertation too easy :-), 
> but I've been
> using the following rule for several weeks now (both as a snort rule
> and a modified procmail rule) on our department's server and I've not
> seen any false positives in ~1200 alerts.
> alert tcp any any -> any 25 (msg:"Virus - Klez"; \
> content:"135AAItEjhyJRI8ci0SOGIlEjxiLRI4UiUSPFItEjhCJRI8Qi0SOD
> IlEjwyLRI4IiUSPCItE"; sid:10012; classtype:misc-activity; rev:1;)
For what it is worth, I've been using the signature that Onie Camara posted
to this list on 4/25 on my (low volume) network and have gotten zero false
positives. Like you, I can't be sure if any copies of the virus have passed,
but my AV solution hasn't seen them either.

The signature was 
alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 25 (msg:"Virus - KLEZ on incoming
mail"; content:"TVqQAAMAAAAEAAAA//8AALgAAAAAAAAAQAAAA"; sid:720;
classtype:misc-activity; rev:3; resp:rst_all;)

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