[Snort-sigs] MS Terminal Services Signature

Eric Appelboom eric at ...322...
Sat Jan 26 00:08:02 EST 2002

I am looking for some help to create a snort signature to detect failed
authentication attempts
With Terminal Services to a Windows 2000\XP host (TCP 3389)

Sniffing the response is difficult for Terminal Services will encrypt
traffic with 128-bit if the 128-bit client is used. 
It will also connect using a 40-bit or 56-bit key if that is what the
server is using.

The sniff below can reliably detect when someone connects and
disconnects from the server 
but I am looking for the response when the server rejects the client
after 5 failed login attempts.

C:\>windump "tcp dst port 3389 and tcp[13] & 3 !=0"
windump: listening
10:46:56.550356 myhost.27113 > desthost.3389: S 320008016
8:3200080168(0) win 64240 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (DF)
10:47:28.378500 myhost.27113 > desthost.3389: F 320010896
9:3200108969(0) ack 3434405349 win 63009 (DF)

I am not refering to the TSAC high-encryption RDP client just vanilla TS

Eric Appelboom
Information Security

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