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alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HTTP_SERVERS 80 (msg:"WEB-MISC Lotus EditDoc
attempt";flags: A+; content:"?EditDocument"; nocase; classtype:attempted-recon;
sid:1117; rev:1;)

Lotus Domino Documents may be edited via a web browser, if the server is
misconfigured, and access rights are not set properly.
A malicious user can add and edit information to any document in any database,
he/she has access to.
Detailed Information:
This exploit is achieved by sending a modified version of the original URL. The
usual URL to open a document appears as:


Simply changing the ?OpenDocument to ?EditDocument, will allow the attacker to
write to the file.

If the server and file permissions are set correctly, the attacker would recieve
an authentication window when trying to access ?EditDocument

Attack Scenarios:

Data Mining, footprinting, and social engineering are more easilly achieved.

Ultimatly, the attacker could make additions to created databases, inserting
information to aid in further attacks. While the attacker could not create
accounts or enter mail information, he/she might be able to insert false email, or

Often, this attack is used with the Lotus Domino directory traversal attack(SID

Ease of Attack:


False Positives:
The signature simply looks for "?EditDocument" in the packet contents. Lotus
Webmail uses  "?EditDocument" to compose and reply to ordinary email. If your
company uses webmail, your users will constantly trip this signature.

False Negatives:
To date, I have not encountered any.
Corrective Action:

Insure that your databases are configured correctly so that outside users cannot
edit databases.

Response from Domino(as per http://www.securiteam.com/exploits/5NP080A1RE.html)

"This is not a Defect. The arguments passed in the URL are not a security feature.
In this instance the ACL of the database must be configured properly to determine
if a document can be edited or not. Failure to do this is considered poor design
technique. Commands to edit a document are passed via URL whether through a button
or manually typed in. It is up to the designer to properly configure a security
scheme to determine how the command will be acted on."

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