[Snort-sigs] IDS Center Config Test error - Help

Erek Adams erek at ...101...
Sun Feb 24 14:15:04 EST 2002

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Terry W. Giffin wrote:

> I am trying to get IDS euuning and have encountered an error I cannot find
> where to fix,
> IDSCenter config test cmd window
> ********************************************************************************
> Initializing Network Interface \
>  Error: OpenPcap() FMS Compilation failed:
>                  Syntax error PCAP command:
> Files\sourcefire\snort\snort.conf -1 C:\Program Files\sourcefire\snort -A
> full -h -i 1 Fatal Error, Quitting.....
> ********************************************************************************
> Is it dropping "Program " from first files\ portion of command. It is
> cprrect in the overview part of idscenter window.


	This is a well-known issue with the Win32 port.  Simply uninstall all
the parts, and reinstall into a directory such as "c:\snort" instead of
"c:\program files".  Something (IDSCenter, Snort, Winpcap?) doesn't like long
pathnames and/or paths with spaces in them.  Use the short pathnames or a
pathname with no spaces and under 8 characters and all will be well.

	Check the snort-users archive at http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/ for
more info on it.  Side note:  That list is a bit better suited for questions
like this--snort-sigs is usually for signature building and discussion.

	Hope that helps!

Erek Adams

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