[Snort-sigs] SID 271

Warchild warchild at ...288...
Thu Feb 7 15:51:02 EST 2002

alert udp any 19 <> $HOME_NET 7 (msg:"DOS UDP Bomb";
classtype:attempted-dos; sid:271; rev:1;) 


A remote host attempted to "bomb" your machine or network by
generating traffic between your udp echo port and their udp chargen

Potential Denial-of-service situation for your host, hosts between you
and the attacker, and more.

Detailed Information:
Traffic was detected between the udp echo port on a host on your
network and the udp chargen (character generator) service.  Because of
the connectionless nature of udp, a single packet from the udp chargen
service to a listening udp echo service will result in mass quantities
of traffic back and forth between the two services.

Attack Scenarios:
An attacker will find a host that still provides the udp chargen service
and generate traffic between it and the udp echo service on your
machine.  If proper ingress/egress filtering is not in place, this
traffic can be trivially spoofed provided the attacker has elevated
privledges on the attacking/initiating machine (the source port being
< 1024).

Ease of Attack:
Trivial for the slightly-skilled attacker -- a few lines in their
language of choice (perl, c) and a UDP chargen+echo bomb is ready to
roll.  Additionally, a functional chargen service must be available
for this DOS to occur.  

False Positives:

False Negatives:

Corrective Action:
Disable the chargen service unless it is absolutely needed, and apply
ingress and egress filtering so you do not get bit by this little
trick. Additionally, disable the udp echo service.  It may also be
worthwhile to attempt to determine the probability that this attack
was initiated by a third party (spoofed), but given the fact that this
is udp traffic, your chances are not very good.

Jon Hart <jhart at ...289...>
Warchild <warchild at ...288...>

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