[Snort-sigs] BrownOrifice

Esler, Joel EslerJ at ...785...
Tue Aug 27 09:22:05 EDT 2002

No, It is the word "file:" imbedded into javascript which opens a back door
to allow an attacker to access local files through port 8080 on a computer
using an older version of Netscape.  All systems are vulnerable (windows,
linux, unix... blah blah) if they use this web browser...

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Is it possible to be more specific? searching for "<javascript>" and file
would generate a lot of false positives. Do you have any examples of traffic
that this backdoor generates? Does "file" always appear in the same location
in the message?

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> Has anyone seen, or developed a signature for BrownOrifice?  It would need
> to look for the word "file" in a javascript webpage.  Any thoughts?
> Joel
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