[Snort-sigs] Updating snort signatures

Azad Mahmoud azad.mahmoud at ...787...
Tue Aug 27 02:22:04 EDT 2002

Hi all,

This is my first mail to this mailing list. I need some help about the
way to update the signatures on some live snort machines. So far the way
I do is just to copy the whole new set of signatures and restrat the
snort (all the paltforms used are Linux). But I was woundering if there
is a simple script that could be used to do this operation. 

This is the main issue, also if there are some hints about the way of
updating or upgrading the whole snort version will be very much
appreciated, there are few files (e.g. snort.conf, local and
classification) normally I exclude these files mening that I use the old
cpies without any changes is it the right way to do this??.


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