[Snort-sigs] best practice on local signature maintanence

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Sat Aug 24 07:19:01 EDT 2002

This was a primary reason for writing IDS Policy Manager. You can do
updates from the "Official" ruleset, or you can do updates from other
policy files. Here is what I personally do:
Have a master signature that I update via the web. This allows me to
test the new changes and make sure the new signatures are ready for
production. I then make any changes that I see fit. Then I merge the
master one into my production sensors signatures and then I upload the
new production signatures to the sensors. It is a little more work, but
it allows me to have full control of any changes and allows me to manage
a lot of sensors without much work.
If you want to checkout IDS Policy Manager, It is a freeware tool for
You can download it at www.activeworx.com/idspm

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Hi All
Just wondering how do some of you (we) add our own local signature (or
even rule files / changes made to existing signature) and yet be able to
maintain the master from snort.org?  Do you normally keep a separate set
of signatures (rule files) for local, and add the corresponding include
statement to the snort.conf ?

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