[Snort-sigs] Typo in sid:1167

Chris Green cmg at ...435...
Mon Aug 5 07:11:02 EDT 2002

"Crow, Owen" <Owen_Crow at ...449...> writes:

> This rule in snortrules.tar.gz (Mon Aug 5 09:10:33 2002 EDT) has /rmp_query
> instead of /rpm_query:
> Would the rules maintainers like a keyword in the subject to help them weed
> out discussion from rules updates?
Thanks. Updated. I think Typo or the like in the subject is good
enough :)  This is a low traffic list and its pretty easy to read it
all currently w/ procmail filtering to the right place.
Chris Green <cmg at ...435...>
"Yeah, but you're taking the universe out of context."

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