[Snort-sigs] snort win32 on token ring

O'Flynn, Derek DOFlyn at ...466...
Fri Apr 12 08:47:13 EDT 2002

I have snort installed on my Windows2000 box. It is sniffing the ethernet
segment just fine. 
However, when I ask it to sniff the token ring segment it says decoding
ethernet segment and no packets are outputted. Upon closing snort on the
packet output it shows packets but they are classified as other.
I have a BSD box on the same token ring running snort and it works just
fine. When you startup snort it says decoding token ring and packets are
Is there some setting I need to include on Windows2k to allow it to snort on
the Token Ring interface? 

Derek O'Flynn
LSU Health Sciences Center
Enterprise Information Security
(504) 568-6130  doflyn at ...466...

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