[Snort-sigs] (RE : rules update) Hope this help (bis)

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Wed Dec 19 06:04:05 EST 2001

As Yahoo's filter does no accept .sh attachment, a
tar.gz one...


> Hi pigs lovers,

> Here's a sh script which look in a old rules set the
> commented alerts, and comment them if any in a new
> rule set. You can adapt it easily to add your own
> rules in the new rule set. 

> David

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> From: "Study List" <studylist at ...12...>
> To: snort-sigs at lists.sourceforge.net
> Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 22:03:45 +0000
> Subject: 
> I am running the current version of snort and have
> spent the last 2 days 
> configuring it so that I dont log certain things.  I
> would like to update 
> the rules files withouth losing my changes that I
> have made to files like 
> web-misc.rules and icmp.rules.   I added custom
> rules to local.rules and 
> commented out or deleted rules from other files.
> Any possible way to do this?  I tried diff and patch
> but it sees a commented 
> rule as being different than the original rule (as
> it is since it has a #).
> adam

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